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Dr Simon Tannock, BSc (Biochem), PGDipHortSci, MPhil (Biotech), PhD (Env.Eng)

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Dr Simon Tannock 
CEO and Owner - ST-TI 
CEO and Owner - NualgiEnviro 

Simon has an interesting and diverse background with qualifications in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Winemaking and Viticulture. When he first moved to Australia it was to take a year off to continue studying opera singing at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. At the end of that year Simon decided to return to science and study for a PhD at the University of Queensland.

Having worked with algae and water for 16 years in the fields of biotechnology and environmental engineering, Simon's skills and knowledge in science, engineering, business and innovation give him a big picture approach to his work. Simon works as a consultant (, and he is currently working with several companies with cutting edge technologies that produce microalgae for food and fuel. His role includes the design and commissioning of systems to produce the high value microalgae in various culture systems.

Simon has won innovation and invention awards, and has developed many innovative systems that are used in microalgae culture today. He sees the huge possibilities that algae offer to solve multiple problems in the world today. Simon also works with wastewater companies to manage their treatment plants to reduce the impact of toxic algae through the use of the product Nualgi, with more info on that at Simon's interests lie in helping people and businesses that want to be part of this amazing industry to reach their goals, to strive for what is realistic and reach for the best outcomes.

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