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"Blue Spirulina" - Blue Majik or Toxic Blue? You have the choice!

You only have to visit Instagram to realise that the "Blue Spirulina" revolution is here! The most trending Superfood ingredient on Social Media, globally! With an ever increasing number of people discovering the "Blue Hue", I am often asked, are all the blues' the same and are they safe? With more and more manufacturers of copy "Blue" products hitting the market, caution is required! High quality Blue Spirulina (E3Live Blue Majik) is extraordinarily expensive to manufacture. We at E3Live have always taken pride in providing the highest quality blue-green algae (BGA) products, since 1991. Our Blue Majik is the premium product available, no question! 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated, Vegan friendly and Kosher. So when comparing, please consider:

If the "Blue Spirulina" you are considering is not "100% Certified Organic" or doesn't come with a "Certificate of Analysis", supply a "Product Specification" or can't provide an FDA "GRAS" Certificate... don't buy or use it!

To support this position, I am providing an excerpt from the Well+Good (New York) website, for further explanation: According to Dr. Group, an expert in the Science of "algae as a Superfood", stated that 60 percent of algae is made up of protein. He was also asked, "So why is algae trending right now"? According to Dr. Group, there are literally thousands of different types of algae, but three are by far the most popular: Spirulina (the main ingredient in those strikingly blue lattes) AFA, and Chlorella. First, the good news on The Big Three: “They all have very high concentrations of nutrients and vitamins, including protein, iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, and B vitamins including B12”.

Spirulina, AFA, and Chlorella also serve as a magnet for toxins in the body and do an excellent job of flushing them out. Clearly, algae is full of health benefits. But keep in mind: Dr. Group’s advice to add more to your diet comes with a major warning, Beware of shady Spirulina! “[My team and I] tested Spirulina, AFA, and Chlorella from all over the world and found that the majority of them were contaminated with different types of metals such as arsenic, aluminium, mercury, or lead,” Dr. Group reveals.

Why the scary levels of contamination? Blame the manufacturers. “A lot of companies use fillers, whether they’re selling the algae in capsules or using it as a food ingredient - it’s not the algae itself that’s toxic, but what it’s being mixed with,” Dr. Group explains.

Despite the contamination risks, Dr. Group notes that “algae is one of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods - I would never want to deter someone from taking it.” The key is paying close attention to the source.

Cheers, Kerry

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