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Kew Organics - Kew, Victoria

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4/79 Willsmere Road
KEW, VIC 3101
PH: 03 9852 8955

We are a family business and my name is Jack.  A couple of lifetimes ago I once worked for one of the two big supermarket chains. They taught me much about retailing, about numbers and about bottom lines, but little about food, the environment or what was best for the customer.

Just after the turn of the century I began to "get it". I started to understand what real food was, and what happens to us and our environment when we interfere with Nature's ways.

When I left what I now like to call "The Evil Empire" (tongue in cheek, of course), I had no idea of just how much I still had to learn. Now I'd gladly tell you that I know everything (and we'd both know that I'd be lying).

My wife, Nilda, also works at the shop with me and so do the kids, Josh and Jess, occasionally. But Kew Organics has developed into a group of like-minded people who work together to serve our customers as best as we can and the rest of the crew that work with us are the reason we manage to get things done.

We do our best to make sure that our offer is, at all times, somewhere between good and great. I think we get there most of the time.

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