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Santos Organics - Byron Bay, New South Wales

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105 Jonson Street
PH: 02 6685 5685

Santos Organics: Who We Are!

Santos Organics is a local community owned enterprise with over 90 unit-holders who share an interest in providing best quality organic, natural and GM-Free food with excellent, friendly customer service as well.
The 3 Santos Organics Shops  have a real community store feel where the staff and customers relate as real people and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.

The Santos Organics Mission:

To serve the community with honesty and integrity by:

-Providing the highest quality organic food and sustainable products and services
-Fostering ethical and healthy choices 
To provide a place to shop, connect and share:
-Promoting awareness and conscious living 
-Investing in and encouraging actions that benefit our community and environment 
We are committed to being a world leader in ethical and sustainable business practice.
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