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Our Product

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), or the Aqua Botanical we harvest, produces its own energy and food from sunlight and moist conditions through photosynthesis. As the first protein and most ancient food on Earth, it is so sustainable on its own that it is the first sign of life scientists look for on other planets. Our E3 AFA is a non-GMO heirloom variety.

Economic Impact of Harvesting 

The wealth of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients is responsible for the unique abundant growth. With nearly 30 feet of mineral-rich sediment at its bottoms, much donated from the explosion of Mt. Mazama, a recent study estimated that the top single inch of the lake alone contains enough nutrients to sustain a full algal bloom. During its peak, Klamath Lake can support up to 14 million pounds of AFA. Although Klamath Lake supports such massive blooms, our company only harvests a small fraction of this amount, creating little to no effect on the carbon footprint.


While harvesting, only these algal blooms in the top inches of the lake are targeted, therefore, the ecosystem of the lake can continue its cycle without interference. With the right temperatures and conditions, AFA is a self-sustaining food source. All algae combined provide up to 80 percent of Earth's food, and grows rapidly to keep up with its consumption. Our responsibility to ensure the reproduction of AFA in the future to come is to protect the deep waters of Klamath Lake, leaving them undisturbed by our harvesting.

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