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Nature's Complete Nutrition

Author: Blender Babes
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The World Bank and the United Nations declared algae to be THE solution to the World's food shortage. NASA has fed algae to their astronauts for over fifty years and says "1 gram of algae has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 grams of fruits and vegetables". Note that NASA  does not compare algae to "Supplements", but, indeed to other food sources. The reason being, algae IS food! A primary food. Not surprisingly NASA uses the E3Live brand of blue-green algae! We also want to clarify that algae is NOT a supplement (despite it also coming in capsule and powder forms), although, we and many other call it that - it is considered a whole and complete FOOD. Humans have consumed algae for thousands of years. However, despite its well documented use in ancient cultures, very few Americans, know what it is and are aware of its many potential health benefits. From professional athletes such as Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer Grant Hackett, MMA fighter Eric Triliegi, to well renowned health experts Dr. Gabriel Cousens, David "Avacado" Wolfe, Brian Clemente to MD and regular individuals like mother, Shauana Hausner - these people have taken and providedtheir clients with E3Live fresh-frozen blue-green algae to enhance both their physical and mental performance by nourishing their bodies, at a cellular level. We hope YOU learn more about E3Live blue-green algae from Klamath lakes, Oregon - you too will share and help spread this knowledge with your friends and family!

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