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New Blue Majik™ FP-80 (Blue Spirulina)

Author: Kerry Burke
News Date: 6/10/2017 10:48 AM
Main Image

The Blue just got Bluer! 

We at E3Live are very excited to announce the release of our NEW Blue Majik™ FP-80 (Blue Spirulina). 

After months of R&D, our new Blue Majik™ FP-80 (Blue Spirulina) is now ready for release. The FP-80 is much finer in texture compared to our current Blue Majik 25 mesh. As a result, it is more easily dissolvable, higher in protein (71.63%) and more dynamic in colour. We have been trialling the new "Blue" with our collaborative army around the world for the last 3 months. The positive feedback has been overwhelming. We know all our current clients are going to love it! Please ask us to have a look at the updated Blue Majik™ FP-80 (Blue Spirulina) Nutrition Panels! Remember our new pricing will save you between 20 & 30% on our old prices. We have the only 100% Certified Organic (ACO & USDA) Blue Spirulina available in the world and is GST Free in Australia! 

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