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Our story begins with our family. In 2003, my father, Roy, was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. At the time, we didn't realize how much this was going to impact all of our lives. We thought we could outsource treatment to the medical profession and move on. How wrong we were….

For the next five years, Roy's days were spent in bed, and his nights were often filled with sweaty panic attacks, the anticipated side effects of his medications. The vicious cycle continued as Roy was on two to three medications for his condition and another two to three medications to curb the side effects. He had gained more than 55 pounds and was increasingly lethargic.

Not one medical professional suggested he change his diet or eating habits or recommended different ways to handle stress. Their advice: take the pills, and we'll see how it goes. Not surprisingly, Roy's health began to deteriorate further. He continued to consult with his doctors, who prescribed more and more medications.

The more medications he took, the worse he became...

Laurentine and I knew we had to intervene. But every attempt to help was met with keen resistance. "These doctors have spent their entire lives training to help me. What makes you think you can do better?" As Roy's health and spirit spiralled, Laurentine and I continued to look for answers.

We grabbed every book we could find and started researching. We soon learned that healthy food could be used to heal. We also discovered that the healthcare, food, and agricultural industries were not particularly concerned about our health. They were primarily interested in profits. For example, we learned that the processing of many of our basic foods was not for any health or nutritional benefit. Instead, it was introduced as a way to increase the shelf life and marketability of the industries' products.

We couldn't believe what we uncovered. Our new discoveries convinced us to formalize our knowledge through the Global College of Natural Medicine's Nutritional Consultant program. After completing our studies, we felt even more confident that we could help Roy. We started sending him some of the books we had been studying. Unfortunately, getting him motivated to read three hundred pages on natural healing remedies was like trying to make water flow uphill. We needed a better way.

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